Welcome to Sonic Supply

The answer to all your packaging needs.


Welcome to Sonic Supply

Sonic Supply stands as a beacon of excellence in the realm of paper and plastic packaging, serving as a premier importer and comprehensive provider of supply solutions. Rooted in our commitment to quality, we cater exclusively to distributors and importers, ensuring a focused approach to meet their specific needs. It’s imperative to note that we do not engage in direct sales to end consumers.

Our operations are streamlined and transparent. We prioritize consistent communication, offering weekly reports and updates to our clientele. Beyond just importing, Sonic Supply seamlessly manages the distribution of a staggering volume, overseeing the transit of more than 500 shipping containers.

Highlighting our global footprint, we are proud to collaborate with esteemed partners spread across the breadth of Asia, including key markets such as the UAE, India, Indonesia, and Singapore. At Sonic Supply, it’s not just about importing and supplying; it’s about forging meaningful partnerships that drive industry standards higher. Connect with us to experience a partnership that prioritizes excellence and efficiency at every step.

SOS Grocery Bags
Take Out Paper/Plastic Bags
Paper / Foil Bags
Poly Bags
Wicketed Bags
Food Boxes
Paper Clamshell Boxes
Paper Trays
Flexible Packaging
Stand Up Pouches

Mailers Poly & Paper
Mailers Bubble Poly & Paper
Bubble Out Bags
Stretch Wrap
Shrink Wrap
BOPP Tapes
Masking Tapes
Ziplock Bags
Poly Bags
Wicketted Bags
Resealable Bags

Paper Bags
Poly bags
Rigid Boxes
PP Non-woven Bags
Woven Bags
Wicketed Bags
Resealable Bags
Ziplock Bags With Hang Hole & Perforated
Merchandise Bags (v-bottom/pinch)

Poly Mailers
Bubble Mailers
Rigid Boxes

Prescription paper bags
Specimen Bag – Bio Hazard
Re-closable Bags – Clear/Color/White/Black
Amber Bags
Patient Belonging Bag
Pharmacy Bags
Bio Hazard Medical Waste Bag